Very Helpful Guide For Selling Your Home In Houston

What’s the best part of the year for anyone selling a home? In most markets, the spring season is the answer. However, this isn’t always the case. As such, the best time for listing your home is based on your circumstances and your specific location.

Before you think about the pros and cons of each season for selling, look into the best part of the calendar for selling your home.

The Spring Season

In many markets, the first half of May is the optimal time of year for selling a home. Homes in those two weeks sell on average 18.5 days faster, and they go for nearly 6 percent more in value. In other markets, early June or April are better times for home sales. Spring selling has benefits and drawbacks to it.

The Pros:

  • Tax refunds arrive in late winter and early spring, providing resources for renovations and repairs.
  • Longer days and warmer weather mean more buyers out and about looking for homes.
  • Curb appeal goes up since there are less muck and grass, flowers, shrubs, trees bloom
  • Beat the rush by getting ahead of summer competition
  • Schools get out, letting kids finish their academic calendars right when buyers are closing on homes
  • The very best time of the year for moving is approaching for prospective buyers, and that nudges them closer to buying homes now

The Cons:

  • Not always the best season if your climate still has muddy, snowy, or rainy weather
  • The annual competition is at its peak, making it harder to sell imperfect homes
  • If you have children and your home sells fast, you might have to withdraw them from their schools
  • Unpredictable weather can mess up open houses
  • Neighbors can make tours and parking harder due to their own renovations or graduation parties and other spring events

The Summer Season

As with the spring season, summertime is a great time of year for selling in most markets. Some regions see peak home closings in the month of June. As a matter of fact, June 28th specifically is the most likely day throughout the year for anyone to close a home. There are many reasons why summer is a great part of the year for selling a home. However, listing from the middle of June into late August has a few downsides too.

The Pros:

  • More hours of daylight and better weather in many places allow for more home showings
  • Timing for sellers and buyers is far more flexible due to vacations and the possibility of showing and touring homes after work hours
  • Buyers have more urgency about getting school-aged children settled in
  • More data is available from spring sales so you can price your home better
  • With buying windows closing, buyers get more eager to make competitive offers and move quickly to close

The Cons:

  • Weather in certain regions is quite hot, so it’s not conducive to hunting for a home
  • Some markets see peak competition as the primary selling season means buyers demand more features and concessions
  • Vacation season might mean fewer buyers looking around your area for homes
  • Yard maintenance and air conditioning costs can make showing more expensive
  • Kids at home might get irate over having to keep swimming pools and outdoor spaces always show-ready, as well as having to keep the home constantly tidy while they’re out of school
  • Industry professionals get busier, so getting great real estate agents, landscapers, contractors, and others can get harder and more expensive

The Fall Season

Fall is not usually the ideal time for selling a home, but it can be in certain areas. Those include places where it gets scorchingly hot in April and stays that way all summer long, or just places living in tornado alley.

The Pros:

  • Less competition and inventory from anyone selling family homes
  • Serious buyers that weren’t able to buy in the spring or summer are motivated to close prior to the winter holidays
  • The expenses involved for fixing up a home are cheaper, and you get access to more professionals since their busy season winds down
  • Sellers create more vivid home listing images thanks to seasonal decor and fall foliage, which makes their homes really pop
  • Safety goes up since the peak season of home burglaries goes down

The Cons:

  • Buyers are more demanding when there is less competition
  • The housing market slows when schools start and families are settling in for the winter
  • Buyers stay away from looming snow, colder temperatures, and wetter weather
  • In some regions, curb appeal goes away as the grass turns brown, flowers die off, and trees lose their leaves
  • Heating costs rise since you keep the home warmer for house hunters
  • When leaves fall and the foliage deteriorates, it gets harder to keep up your landscaping

The Winter Season

As much as cold weather makes people shiver, they also shiver when they try to imagine selling a home in the winter. For most markets, it’s the hardest time of year to sell a home.

The Pros:

  • Very motivated buyers looking to benefit from tax breaks might want be looking to close ahead of the end of the year
  • Lower volumes of inventory should mean less competition for you in terms of getting the attention of buyers
  • Relocating buyers have to find homes if they’re going to start their new jobs and other opportunities from December through February
  • The best real estate agents who want year-end sales are game for the challenge of selling your home
  • Help buyers envision living in your home during the holidays by decorating it as such
  • Snow might cover up some of the less desirable landscaping features

The Cons:

  • Selling in more active winter markets will still mean competition
  • Many winter buyers are cut-throat on pricing, hoping to get good deals due to seller desperation
  • Curb appeal isn’t great, and landscapes covered in snow aren’t easily seen
  • Families in winter are more focused on hibernating and holidays
  • Most places across the country have colder weather and shorter days
  • Moving in winter after selling is harder, particularly around holidays or in January and February weather
  • The absolute worst time of year to do any substantial repairs or renovations that an inspection might reveal
  • Keeping a home ready for showing at all times is hard to balance with kids and enjoying the holidays

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